Our Students

Student participation in decision making is actively promoted through open communication with all students and in particular our School Leaders. We begin everyday with a ‘Community Circle,’ where students have the opportunity to ask questions about events, check in with all members of staff and be accounted for via the roll book etc. This time allows us as educators to ensure all students feel valued and a part of our BPS team. Assemblies are held twice per term and are well attended by parents/caregivers and community members. Assemblies provide our students with the opportunity to showcase their work and share their successes.

We currently have 30 enrolments at our site. Most students and their families live within 5kms of our school. We offer a bus service at a minimal cost.


Student Well-being

Children’s well-being is central to all we do, because we know that being holistically healthy is vital for learning and leading a rewarding life. We use the Positive Living Skills and Berry Street programs to nurture happy, balanced students through mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention and planning. The Child Protection Curriculum is mandated within our programming.

We have a fantastic Pastoral Care Worker who works at the school for 12 hours a week. Jolie Zadow is available to support our students, staff and/or families with any issues or concerns they may be facing. Jolie runs our Breakfast Club every Tuesday morning where school families are invited to visit for a cuppa and a chat.

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