Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students with a comprehensive educational program within a supportive and equitable environment.

Our Vision

The vision of our school is to provide an accessible, inclusive, caring, success orientated learning environment to ensure students and their families are empowered to continue their life-long learning with confidence. We are committed to supporting the individual needs of the students, their families and the community in a positive culture whilst upholding the values of our school.

Our Values

We seek to instil five core values in our students:


  • I can treat others the way I want to be treated
  • I can treat everything with care
  • I can respect learning time and be considerate of others


  • I can have a go at everything and take risks
  • I can persist, try again and never ever give up
  • I can ‘change my channel’ and ‘bounce back’


  • I can be responsible for my learning by listening, staying on task and trying my best
  • I can be a role model for other students
  • I can look after my things, my friends and my school


  • I can do my personal best by working hard, being curious and motivated
  • I can take on peer and teacher feedback with a positive attitude
  • I can believe in myself and be a Powerful Learner


  • I can always tell the truth and keep my promises
  • I can trust and forgive my friends
  • I can give honest feedback to help my friends to learn
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