Mission & Vision Statement

Missions and Value Statement

The core values of our school are Responsible, Respectful, Resilient. We empower our students to use their values everyday by ensuring explicit teaching, modelled values and positive feedback. We encourage our students to reach their personal best by promoting Active Learners within our classroom communities.

Our school has a culture which values connections and positive regards for all students. Wellbeing for learning is paramount and we uphold high expectations of all students and staff. We utilise the Science of Learning and our evidence based knowledge of child development and apply these principles to our practice. Our staff are dedicated, approachable and helpful. Students use their agency within our classrooms as active learners. Students are supported to reach their individual learning goals which are created with assistance. Student data is used to differentiate learning needs. To engage our students in their learning, we build upon student interests. Staff are actively engaged in their own capability development and regularly research to inspire and innovate. Leadership know students well, are supportive and collaborate with all staff for the best outcomes for our students. We value the relationships we create with our community and endeavour to have high levels of communication via multiple modes.

The vision of Blanchetown Primary School is to provide an accessible, inclusive, caring, success orientated learning environment to ensure students and their families are empowered to continue their life-long learning with confidence. We are committed to supporting the individual needs of our students, their families and the community in a positive culture whilst upholding the values of our school.