Governing Council

The Governing Council is a very important body within the school. It is a representative body of the parents and staff and works for the welfare of the whole school community.

The Governing Council:

  • Generally oversees the well being of the school
  • Advises the Principal on the needs of the school as seen by theparents and the community.
  • Notes the facilities and equipment within the school and advises the Principal of changes which considers necessary
  • Gives consideration to the school’s general education policy, and advises the Principal on the school communities considered view of developments within the school
  • Advises the Principal on the distribution of Government Grants – Is actively involved in fundraising
  • Is an integral part of the decision-making process within the school
  • Has a committee structure to carefully investigate and implement change

The Annual General Meeting of the Governing Council is held in mid February. All parents are invited to attend.

Council meets twice a term. The Governing Council represents the parent point of view. If you have anything you want raised please advise a member of Council or the Principal.

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