Blanchetown Primary School

About Us

Blanchetown Primary School is an exciting, safe and family orientated school that is made special by the strength of the relationships that have been developed within our community. The school’s excellent reputation reflects its commitment to continuous improvement, professional and dedicated staff and providing students with a comprehensive curriculum that caters for different styles and rates of learning.

Our school sets high expectations and standards in all aspects of a child’s education and encourages them to be self-motivated and have pride in their school. Equally, we recognise that learning is best fostered in a caring, nurturing and challenging environment in which students feel valued, admire their learning and are given guidance, and ownership. Our broad objectives are to concern ourselves not only with the academic development, but also the physical, social and moral development of our students.

Blanchetown Primary School offers stunning grounds and facilities, including shaded play areas, new library, swimming pool, large oval and tennis courts. We are well equipped with resources, with the school connected to the NBN, and every student having one to one access to a new desktop computer and iPad.

The number of students at Blanchetown Primary School is growing, at a fast rate, due to the popularity of the school and the increase of job opportunities in our area. This year, we offer three class groupings from R-7. This includes R-1, 2-4 and 5-7 classes.  Sue Billett – Acting Principal


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