Blanchetown Primary School

Four images of Blanchetown landscape and school


Student participation in decision making is actively promoted through class meetings and the Student Representative Council. Assemblies are held three times per term, which are attended by parents/caregivers and community members. Assemblies provide the students with the opportunity to show their work and share their successes.

Student Wellbeing

Blanchetown Primary School is passionate about  delivering all the key learning areas of the Australian Curriculum, using high quality teaching and learning approaches.  We aim to develop expert learners, by fostering deep understanding, and promoting dialogue as a means of learning. We create safe conditions for rigorous learning and challenge our students to achieve at high standards.

The school has a strong Literacy focus.  Explicit Literacy teaching is implemented in classrooms for at least 90 minutes per day in reading, writing, spelling and oral language. We design learning, starting with the curriculum and include current approaches to differentiate and scaffold learning.  Our whole school genre focus links reading and writing components, allowing for collaborative planning and consistent data collection and analysis, in order to improve student outcomes.

Children’s wellbeing is central to all we do, because we know that being mentally healthy is vital for learning and leading a rewarding life.  We use the KidsMatter framework to nurture happy, balanced kids through mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention and planning. 

We have a Pastoral Support Worker who works at the school for 15 hours a week. Erin Skewes is available to support the students, staff or Parents with any issues or concerns they may be facing. She  also runs the breakfast club on Thursday and Friday mornings.