Blanchetown Primary School

Four images of Blanchetown landscape and school

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students with a comprehensive educational program within a supportive and equitable environment. We will strive for continuing improvement.

Our Vision

The vision of our school is to provide an;

for students and their families which empowers all members of the school community to continue their life long learning with confidence. We are committed to supporting the individual needs of the students, their families and the community in a positive success orientated culture whilst upholding the values of our school.

Our Values

Our Values

We seek to instill three core values in our students:

Respect: treating others well, valuing differences in ourselves and others, speaking and acting with courtesy, honouring or following rules.

Resilience: giving everything 110%, not worrying about what other people say or do, trying hard and sticking to a task, pursuing excellence, accepting yourself, being independent, thinking positively, having a go.

Responsibility: being responsible for your own learning and behaviour, not letting people down when they are relying on you, being accountable for your own actions, being organised, trying to do what you know is right in all situations.